a heavy, heavy duty

exhibition, installation

a heavy, heavy duty is a textile-fiction in the form of an installation that merges strands of global cotton production with the omnipresence of synthetic and chemical substances. The work creates a science fiction landscape in which fertilizer, dry ice and hormone preparations produce, optimize, devitalize, cure bodies – or are getting incorporated as means of resistance. „We want to stay with the trouble, and the only way we know to do that is in generative joy, terror and collective thinking.“

Among the text figures the installation assembles sound recordings of and with textiles interconnecting them with a selection of lists, historical references, interviews and legends: of the cotton producing Vegetable Lamb of Tartary, of farmers and cotton activist from Nagpur, India, of disused textile factories at Zurich Oberland and of the first industrial spinning frame „Spinning Jenny“. A future timeline of a heavy, heavy duty lets resonate past with the present and opens a remembering actualisation of the colonial entanglements of Switzerland in the frame of an expanded textile history. Part of the exhibition is a textile-disco and a textile walk: In the rhythms of textile-sounds and looms of Lodikeda, Santipur and Neuthal we are inviting you to dance and to create our own version of the „Spinning Jenny“.

The textile-walk will guide us along the „Industrielehrpfad“ to the Trümplerareal in Uster. In 1832 the Trümplerareal in Uster became the showplace of the Usterbrand, where homeworkers and manufacturers revolted against the mechanisation of spinning and weaving. Today the Trümpleararal is an office area.

Quote: Zitat: Donna Haraway: Tentacular Thinking: Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chtulucene

The exhibtion a heavy, heavy duty is a collaboration between Stefanie Knobel and Angela Wittwer and has been realized from 10.11.-3.12.2016 at Les Complices*, Zurich.

Specifications: Installation, Audio-Loop 49’ (german language), Booklet, various materials.


Booklet – a heavy, heavy duty

Les Complices*