Interfacing the non-


laser on cotton, silicone, videos

Interfacing the non- is a gesture of resistance against the dominant story in the dichotomous structure of nature/culture, digitality/humanity, technics and all other materialities. The mixed media installation elaborates on the artist's long term research on cotton and its inextricable colonial entanglement in the phantasms of modernisation, technological development and the factor of production. Weaving text and textile, breathing and cotton are the threads of Knobel's recent practices, which are anticipations of a new subject form. The lasered text on woven cotton are now covered by transparent silicone, which glistens on the surface. With the silicone-cotton as background, three hand choreographies on flatscreen monitors seemingly reflect our daily movements, yet, the perseverant gestures manifest the being in progressive time and space dimensions. The relations created here are seeking transits, formalizing a state of remaining self-unfinished. (Text: Miwa Negoro, Independent Curator)

Interfacing the non- (2018)

Laser on cotton, silicone, videos

Fotos: Miwa Negoro, 2018.