der feste Karpas [the solid Karpas, excerpt] (2016/18)

english translation


 It will take me by the hand, with an outside force, like hits, but more steady, like arms, like a drummer, boom, how it let itself becoming a dressing, and in so doing, allowed itself to be destroyed, I had dreamed it.

The machine and above all the cotton fibre, or the Karpas*, is already there, always already provided, utterly soaked and impregnated, compacted, and arranged, and tightly led to the thread. Only once interwoven on top of one another, in the vertical, in this wide plane of dead expanse, would gather together, to gather a new town. It will be in strong fortresses, that strong convictions, boundled from human strength, will be packed together. It will be porous, the weathering exposed, it will be.

It will make me vibrate on the spot and thereby shake the ground. With me in a line, which wends through the landscape like a caravan. It will pull strings, which will knot together elsewhere, and elsewhere again, endlessly.

From knot to knot thread-like lines will form. Shadow-like threads threads thrust from Karpas threads, which are undergoing global military operations. Fat, will become the shadow-knot, weighty and firm the Karpas knot, that will tamp milk and meat into the hole.

The solid Karpas will again stop up hungry mouths, and will reprocess them, on a massive scale. Here, where the machines provided on land and in the air wait, and will be.

At the point where the exact moment of death is anticipated – which will be so crucial for the further processing. Millions of worker’s hands will have to work against its preniciousness. And it will be gripped by bone hands, into the waiting machines, which then will transport away the Karpas.

It will throw me into the indifference of communication networks, which will, like a transparent spider web which leads to a hallucinating plane of smoothness, cool me down. It steers towards an icebox – bacterial, sanitized, and mirror-polished.

With plasticized rubber gloves you could make something out for me.



Karabas in Farsi means heavy cotton cloth.

A Karabasi is a dealer in heavy duty cotton clothes.

Karpash in Bengali means cotton.


© Text by Stefanie Knobel based on a collective imagination practice with Angela Wittwer, summer 2016, Lahijan, Iran.