la molecule (in the screen)


HD, 16:9, color, stereo, 18’

La molecule (in the screen) was made based on a performance filmed on January 18, 2015 in the Tanzhaus in Zürich. In the video, several persons work together to create a sequence of shared gestures. Inspired by Yvonne Rainer and her famous performance Trio A (1968), the artist incorporates simple, broken up movements that explore action and examine their own performativity. Wearing identical outfits, the bodies are interchangeable, and their way of moving brings to mind the regularity and the systematic character of a machine. The rhythm is, however, frustrated by the unstable floor that makes shifting body weight difficult. The symmetry, initially created by a set of mirrors, is unsettled by the entrance of several similar bodies, diffracting the first entity. The words spoken by a voice off-screen contribute to the difficulty in identifying a subject, thus creating an opaque first person. Stefanie Knobel references here Roland Barthes and his research on the neutral. The neutral allows us to let go off the binary habitus for the sake of a zone of conflict or undecidability. The neutral comes to undermine both the notion of identity and the search for meaning. (Fanny Gonella, Director FRAC Lorraine, Metz)

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Voice-Over: deutsch
Voice-Over: english
Voice-Over: français

A project by Stefanie Knobel

Performers: Désirée Sophie Meul, Eirini Sourgidiaki, Stefanie Knobel | Voice Over: Marie-Theres Hölig (german version),  Marion Aeschlimann (french version) | camera: Gabriel Studerus | Photos Exhibition View: Fred Dott


Künstlerhaus Bremen, Wie werden wir uns wiedererkennen,  18.11.2017-28.1.2018

FRAC Lorraine Metz, Vous me rappellez quelqu'un,
22.2.2018-June  2018