nestlé products (2016)


fingers that carve the parcel

hands that wash skin with soap

a space of intense yet invisible traffic

headbones that carry the parcel over Howrah Bridge

come, come, come, ...

the body is a message, the mind is a bottle

smooth the blood circulation
avaries & kidneys
thyroid & testis
epiphysis & pancreas

kill the blue whale

cut the throat of the bull at the sloughterhouse

take the testicles of the prisoner condemned to death


become the blue whale

become the bull

become the prisoner

performance & text: Stefanie Knobel (text with some words by Paul B. Preciado) | projection: Sayantan Maitra Boka

duration: 17 min

26.1.2016, Chander Haat, Kolkata, India

response performance              

folded paper that has been distributed on 27.2.2016 to a Zurich audience by the performer: