hereish & nowish (2017)


Oh my silly, silly, silly mind! – hereish&nowish is a live-installation. A choreography (60’Loop organic) of five performative breathing techniques creates a pronounced corporality that one cannot escape.

Through the inhale of oxygen and exhale of carbon dioxide, - hereish&nowish's performativity creates a direct link to our present epoch, "where air pollution and the use of pesticides can no longer be considered as single phenomena".

The performative breathing techniques of –hereish&nowish divide the body into polarities between life and non-life. Through breathing we are weaving symbiotic relations with our environment whereby the man created divisions between inside and outside, local and global, nature and culture and life and non-life are moving towards a line that crosses our bodies.

In –hereish&nowish the practice of breathing becomes the mediator between the binarities of a contemporary ecological catastrophe, where the use of technologies rebound to our bodies. Where body and technology can no longer be separated from each other, the catastrophe gains a real material force. In hereish&nowish life itself gets intrinsically form, what places this live-installation beyond work and reproduction. 

hereish&nowish displays that weaving had been developed as a cosmological technology and that in turn the binary process of weaving manifests itself in the zeros and ones of your computer. In the rhythm of a inner looms (the inner loom is a fictional link created by a text, see here), the four performers reclaim their virtual domains.

The installative openness of the performance allows visitors to decide for themselves about their coming and going. Over time, among the coming & going and staying visitors, communities, liaisons and accomplices occur.


Quote: Isabelle Stengers, In Catastrophic Times. Resisting the Coming Barbarism, 2015)

Stefanie Knobel: Oh, my silly, silly, silly mind! hereish&nowish

Excerpt, 3:38', length of choreography 60', length of performance: 7 hours


Konzept/Concept & Choreografie/Choreography: Stefanie Knobel | Dramaturgie/Dramaturgy: Désirée Meul | Darstellerinnen/Performers: Anna Lehr, Tabea Magyar, Désirée Meul, Nina Tshomba

Kamera: Gabriel Studerus

Foto: Esther Nora Mathis

Eine Ausstellung für Dich/An Exhibition for You, 21.9-19.11.2017, Museum Helmhaus Zürich

Performances: 23.9, 21.10, 4.11.17, 11-18 Uhr

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung/with kind support of Aargauer Kuratorium, Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Stadt Zürich Kultur, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS, Tanzhaus Zürich

Das Projekt Oh my silly, silly, silly mind! mit den beiden Arbeiten Oh my silly, silly, silly, mind! - warp&weft und Oh my silly, silly, silly, mind! - hereish&nowish ist eine Weiterführung von a heavy, heavy duty (2016).

The project Oh my silly, silly, silly mind! with its two works Oh my silly, silly, silly mind! - warp&weft and Oh my silly, silly, silly, mind! - hereish&nowish is a continuation of a heavy, heavy duty (2016).