Oh my silly, silly, silly mind! (2017)

text, english original


Merchant: I enclothe the world in consumer products. I produce new stories in order to hide those stories of plants, animals, soil, rocks, water and microbes, of life and non-life, in order to make things appear the way that I want.

The Singing Voice: Merchant, could you tell me a story?

Merchant: Why not. But before I tell you a story you have to be immunized against all other stories. I will vaccinate your body with a pathogen. So that whenever any other story enters your body, at that very moment you will die.

The Singing Voice: As you wish.

The Merchant is about to sell a pathogen injection to the Singing Voice.

Merchant: You can inject yourself with this pathogen. It is a user-friendly tool.

The Singing Voice buys and injects herself with the pathogen but encounters a resistance that hinders the process of immunization.

The next day The Singing Voice returns to the market.

Merchant: Good that you come. As you are now immune to any other story, I will tell you my story.

The Singing Voice: No Merchant. The injection has failed. There is something inside my body that hinders the process of immunization.

Merchant: What? What are you saying? What is there inside your body?

The Singing Voice: It is a loom Merchant.

The Merchant: A loom!?!

The Merchant, turns away from The Singing Voice, shaking his head in astonishment. After a moment of consideration he comes back to ask:

Merchant:  What is this foolishness you are talking, tell me, what exactly is a loom for?

The Singing Voice: The loom is for weaving. I weave so that memories of our repeating process of creation will never come to an end. I weave to connect with the world. Weaving is for communication.

Merchant: I am a merchant and my virtue is trade. I can calculate and accumulate.

The Merchant is a curious person. He thinks that a loom could be good for him. After a while he turns back to the Singing Voice,

Merchant:  Can you show me how it works?

The Singing Voice: Ok, I’ll show you.

The Singing Voice: First you have to come with me to a room. Inside this room is a loom. There I will show you how it works. The room has nine doors. Each time I enter, I choose a door intuitively.

Merchant: Strange, all the doors are continuously opening and closing. Why? There is no wind here.

The Singing Voice: These doors are responding to your breathing. Now, you have entered the virtual domain of your own body. This room is within and without, nowhere but also everywhere. Can you see anything else?

Merchant: Yes, I can see a tree there, under the water, covered with fruits and flowers; the tree moves the three rivers from inside!

The Singing Voice: Try to find more connections around you. Your skin, bones, hair, nails, brain and blood are the virtual inheritance of the communication network. Now you can float or run by moving a nested loop over a grid. The outer loop for the inhale coordinate and the inner loop for the exhale coordinate.

As the network of our movements and thoughts start to replicate themselves, each code reduces everything to simple actions: the pedal works through the alternate movement of the feet, raising half the threads of the warp while the hands throw the shuttle carrying the thread of the woof...

Merchant: This is great! This is the most complex human engine I have ever seen! With this tool it is easy to produce such beautiful, exotic fabrics!

The merchant pulls out some cloths and throws them over the counter to show them to the Singing Voice.

Merchant: I would like to invest to increase production.

The Singing Voice: Hold on! These are not finished yet! Weaving never comes to an end. The beginning and the end are just two ideal states where you are no longer able to communicate.

Merchant: I want to use this technology for my own purpose. I will take this loom from your body.

The Singing Voice: What?

Merchant: I need to import more cotton to boost the production. The population must rise, more workers will be needed for more and more looms. At last the market will be a place where I transform everything into something else.

The Singing Voice: But how can you do that? What is the science of transforming one thing into another?

Merchant: If you know how to steal labour, you can also do this. I inject stolen labour into everything and make it valuable. But before you learn how to steal labour, you have to make communication impossible. I could enter into the paradise of stolen labour by mechanizing your technology of weaving.

The Singing Voice: Oh, I see, that's why this city too, is a paradise of stolen labour.

Merchant: The act of creation never comes to an end until, and unless, you steal labour. Forget everything and become a consumer.

The Merchant: Now I am going to take the loom away from your body using a propositional hinge:


Melancholic Retrospect.

Ancient Celebrity.

Great Wealth.

Legal Changes.


Territorial Needs.

Without The Means.


Two Hundred Meters Long.

Thirty Meters Wide And Four-To-Six Stories In Height.


Putting-Out Networks.

Flying Shuttle.

The Singing Voice: Don't do that, don't take the loom away from my body, don't set the opposition is such a way, if you do that, this technology will undergo a mutation and will turn against your market. The interrelation of things will be too great to be incorporated.

©Stefanie Knobel, Samrat Banerjee, 2017